jeudi 24 mai 2012


Two year ago LOST ending on TV  one year and a half later I put my hand on the bluray collector edition with the Island and all the bonus you can find. At the ending I was sad to see many characters I like died and gone forever but happy to see on the other world they find peace.
To celebrate this special we have a interview from co-creator of the show Damon Lindelof were he confirm a lot of what I tought of story.

I hope you enjoyed like me this video and remember all the great time we spent by watching this show. And yes all of what happen on the island happen like Damon said. And what was the point of the show was the self judgement and how the characters had to deal with theirs own choices. Thank you to all the staff behind LOST actors, directors, writers, showrunners, technical staff and editorial for the best collector bluray edition for a tv show.


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