jeudi 16 janvier 2014


Je pensais avoir tout vue au niveau des prix et ce que l'on propose au fan en type d'édition. entre LOST, AVENGERS et HARRY PORTER. Mais la on atteint un sommet la version bluray de Gurren Lagann!


voici ce que cette version doit contenir et voici une video du UNBOXING

$730 pricetag, the box features 15 discs, 10 Blu-Ray and 5 audio CDs with the following:
10 BDs encompassing all the video features from the series.
27 TV episodes (English Sub/Dub)
2 movies (English Sub)
2 Works features
"Pieces of sweet stars" feature
Picture Drama/Event footage from the event held prior to the movies
DS OVA Episode 5.5
Video extras: Textless OP/ED (both TV/movies), "Youko Goes! A Study of Anime at Gainax" (might be translated differently by Bandai), Opening Day Stage Greetings for movies, Gurren Lagann Inspection, Staff Interviews, and more!
All of this (except the live action footage) has been re-filmed in HD under the supervision of Hiroyuki Imaishi.

The set also comes with 5 CDs:
A newly written story by Kazuki Nakashima
"A Shining Example of a Gurren Lagaan" (drama CD included with the TV series LE DVDs)
"Idiot Men!" (drama CD included with the first movie's LE DVD)
"We're Men!" (drama CD included with the second movie's LE DVD)
Original music from the Works 2 and Pieces of sweet stars features

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